Live&Learn - European Short Documentary project on Adult Education

Live&Learn (2015-2016) was a groundbreaking project in which European adult education professionals produced together a series of eight documentaries on adult education. 

Cameraperson and editor, Ditte Uljas, is filming the Finnish learner, Samuli Kovanen, at his home in Helsinki.

The project was inspired by two observations, shared by most European education policy documents and relevant studies. Firstly, there is a clear need to increase participation in adult education across Europe; and secondly, new ways of sharing best practices among European adult educators must be found.We have addressed these needs in an innovative way: through the medium of short documentaries. 

The documentaries are now published with open licence; and they are available on Live & Learn Vimeo channel. For television and cinema screening purposes the documentaries are delivered by the request; contact Jarmo Pykälä

The Live&Learn series consists of two types of documentries that portray either adult educators or adult learners. The learners that are portrayed in the videos tell the stories about their individual learning pathways. The videos about the adult educators aim to present best practices of innovative teaching methods in non-formal adult education.

NB: The videos are open licence. Please let us know when, where and how you want to use them and send us links to your online media pages, screenshots or pictures of your activities. If you would like to edit the videos or use parts of them, please mention that they were produced in the framework of the Erasmus+ project Live & Learn and also mention the protagonists and the producing team.

ELM, the European Lifelong Learning Magazine, has published a theme issue about the Live & Learn videos. Read more at the dedicated ELM webpage.

Would you like to know more about the production of the videos? Take a look at the EAEA Website!

Twitter: #livelearnvideo


The partnership is formed by seven organizations with a wide knowledge and experience in the field of lifelong learning and adult education:

The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (KVS), Finland (project coordinator)
Deutscher Volkshochschulverband Ev (DVV), Germany
Learning and Work Institute, UK
Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd (DFS), Denmark
Kerigma, Portugal
European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), Belgium

World Teachers' Day: celebrated on 5 October at an event organised by all 3 Belgian National Agencies (Flemish, French and German community). Around 80 representatives of adult education associations as well as national and European institutions were invited to learn more about innovative practices in adult education as well as exchange experience and expertise. After an introduction by Raffaela Kihrer, EAEA, two videos of the Live & Learn project were presented: the Finnish adult educator video, and the Portuguese learner video. The videos encouraged a lively debate on adult education methodologies and the wider benefits of adult learning for the individual and society.
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