Building a society of learners

Kansanvalistusseura, The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation – KVS – is politically and religiously non-affiliated organisation established in 1874.

We work as a specialist and service provider of adult education.


The Foundation cooperates with a wide variety of adult education stakeholders in Finland and internationally. Our activities include advocacy work and publishing, education and international cooperation.

We network, cooperate and challenge, and provide opportunities for dialogue.

Our strength is that we anticipate societal changes and adjust our activities accordingly. We remain loyal to our core values.

KVS seeks to influence education policies to fortify (non-formal) adult education in Finnish society. This advocacy work is carried out through statements, lobbying and information activities.

KVS supports the work of education professionals and adult education institutions and produces learning services. It emphasizes the intrinsic value of learning and promotes a broad understanding of education.


Our dream is a society that values learning as its basis. Our aim is that everyone has the chance to learn through life and to lead a full life in harmony with other people and the environment.

For us lifelong learning means curiosity, empathy, tolerance and care for the environment.

Lifelong learning is essential and intrinsic to humanity. It is about growing into a responsible adulthood and humanity, as an active member of society.

Our values


We create places and spaces for dialogue, promote learning as the most important value of the society and refresh the concept of learning.


We are committed to working responsibly which is reflected in our transparency and in respecting the environment.


We work for equality and promote educational equity as well as equal opportunities of all people to participate in the society.

Fresh thinking

We contest and refresh our approaches to be able to tackle societal issues and find solutions to them.

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