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The Lifelong Learning Foundation has two funds for admitting grants. The grant application period is opened in June and the Foundation’s Board makes its grant decision by the end of October. Grants can also be admitted, under normal terms, to related parties as intended by the Foundation Act. In addition to donations and wills, funds can also be collected through the funds’ return on investments. 


The Aarno and Lydia Saarensivu fund 

The fund was established at the bequest of Aarno and Lydia Saarensivu in 1961. 

The fund provides
Grants for the further vocational training of basic education teachers in Finland and elsewhere 
Grants for pupils in basic education who have attained success in their studies when compared to their initial level
Grants for arranging counselling to promote educational success for pupils in basic education

Of the funds to be distributed, 1/10 will be given to the first mentioned purpose and the rest for the latter purposes. 


The Lyyli Henriksson fund 

The fund was established at the bequest of Lyyli Henriksson in 1974. 

The fund provides grants for further studies. The grants are primarily given to the basic education pupils from the Karijoki municipality’s school, but can also be admitted to the post-basic education studies of children from elsewhere. 

The next grant application period opens in June 2024. 



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