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Our operations

The Kvs Foundation’s core competencies are learning, innovations and advocacy. Our work is based on research and the latest scientific knowledge.

We operate as an expert community in the fields of liberal education, lifelong learning and adult education.  

Together with our partners, we develop lifelong learning solutions both in Finland and internationally. The Kvs Foundation has been awarded the OKKA Foundation’s sustainable development certificate in recognition of its consistent work towards a sustainable future. With our commitment to AGENDA2030, the Kvs Foundation promotes sustainable development and environmental responsibility.  

While promoting learning through life, we aim to establish a dialogue between the different actors. We maintain the operations of the Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre and the Kulkuri School of Distance Education for expatriate Finnish children.

Both of our educational institutions have been awarded the OKKA Foundation’s sustainable development certificate. In addition, the Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre has also been granted the sustainable development educational mission by the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

The Kvs Foundation publishes a blog (in Finnish) called Sivistyksen pelottomat, which uses both analysis and attitude to put thoughts about everyday life and Sivistys under daring scrutiny. Learn more about the concept of Sivistys.

A fearless defender of Sivistys

The building blocks of our vision are everyday education, lifelong learning and environmental and social responsibility. Learn more: 

Our vision and mission

Our values are a sense of community, sustainability and curiosity. Our day-to-day work is guided by ethical principles. Learn more about them: 

About our values

The Foundation’s ethical principles guide our day-to-day work and encourage our partners to act in accordance with the principles. 

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