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Our values

We emphasise sense of community and responsibility as values that guide our daily activities. Curiosity is our source of strength for scrutinising established practices and aiming for innovative solutions. The Kvs Foundation adheres to ethical principles in its daily activities and encourages its partners to do the same. With respect for people and the environment as its key value, the Foundation focuses on environmental and social responsibility.


Sense of community
We create opportunities for dialogue and learning together.

Our operations are transparent and respect people and the environment. We promote equality.

We question existing practices and create new solutions.

Our ethical principles 

The Foundation’s ethical principles guide our day-to-day work and encourage our partners to act in accordance with the principles.  

  • Our view on people and human rights: We support democratisation by promoting day-to-day learning both in Finland and internationally.  
  • Operational culture: We operate as a learning work community and as fearless defenders of Sivistys. 
  • Sustainable development: We create services that are economically, socially and ecologically sustainable.  
  • Personnel: We treat each other and ourselves with respect.  
  • Learners: We promote learning together.  
  • Partners and service providers: We are a reliable and appreciative partner.  

Environmental and social responsibility 

At the basis of the Kvs Foundation’s vision is respect for others and the environment. 

We are committed to advocating for a lifestyle that respects the carrying capacity of nature, ecosocial education and societal decisions that combats climate change. We convey research-based information about sustainable development in our medias, communications and other activities. We are reducing the carbon footprint from our own operations. 

Read more about the Kvs Foundation’s operational commitment to sustainable development in accordance with the goals of Agenda2030. Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development | Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( 

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