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Our vision and mission

Our vision is to build a society that values day-to-day learning as its basis. Our operations are focused on ecosociality, we encourage sustainable development and we strive for multi-locality in our activities. In global work, our guiding lights are promoting media literacy and lifelong learning.

Environmental and social responsibility 

At the basis of our operations is respect for others and the environment.
We are committed to advocating for a lifestyle that respects the carrying capacity of nature, ecosocial education and societal decisions that combats climate change. 

We convey research-based information about sustainable development in our medias, communications and other activities. We are reducing the carbon footprint from our own operations. 

Read more about the Kvs Foundation’s operational commitment to sustainable development in accordance with the goals of Agenda2030. 


Our vision is a society that values learning as its basis. Lifelong learning means coming together to educate ourselves in order to take care of each other and the environment.

The Kvs Foundation is an expert in liberal education and lifelong learning and a fearless defender of Sivistys. The Kvs Foundation’s core competencies are learning, innovations and advocacy.

The focus of our activities are: 


Commitment to sustainable development and the OKKA Foundation’s certificates 

Planning, implementing and launching the circular economy block of lifelong learning in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki


Developing activities nationally (new partnerships) 

The digital accessibility of our services 

Promoting learning communities (such as starting co-operation on the UNESCO Learning Cities) 

Global activities 

Promoting media literacy and lifelong learning 

Providing a chance of learning under exceptional circumstances (especially the distance education model) 


EU’s New European Agenda for the Adult Education 2022–2030 

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