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The Year of Sivistys 2024

A year of events open to all

The Ministry of Education and Culture has designated 2024 as the Year of Sivistys. It is a year of events open to all, during which the dust is wiped off from the concept of sivistys. During the year, sivistys will be brought into the present and into everyone's everyday life.

The Year of Sivistys 2024 is inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Finnish Lifelong Foundation, the oldest foundation for Sivistys, lifelong learning, and adult education in Finland. The Foundation also coordinates the year of Sivistys.

What is Sivistys?

Sivistys is a Finnish concept with two distinctive definitions:

1) a general societal aim and value; enlightenment

2) a specific type of person who is civilised and well-behaved, who lives in harmony with other people, wider society, and nature, and who can also contribute to the preservation and development of communities, the environment, and humankind in general.

Read more about the concept of Sivistys.

Wide range of actors

The practical implementation will be guided by the Year of Sivistys Committee, which brings together a wide range of actors from different sectors of society. The Committee is chaired by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen. The Ministry of Education and Culture is represented by Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary.

The Year of Sivistys 2024 is a year of events open to everyone. Different organisations and networks can have their own events included in the events calendar for the Year of Sivistys 2024. Read more and join:

You can follow the year’s events on social media with hashtags #sivistys2024 #bildning2024




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