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The purpose of our Foundation is to promote enlightenment and advocate for liberal education. Our advocacy work is based on researched knowledge. Its cornerstone is formed by our publications and communication. 

We reinforce inclusion and create new opportunities for meeting both face-to-face and online. This is our way of promoting everyday well-being and education – that is, lifelong learning.  

We publish two online media on learning that are open to everyone: the peer-reviewed Aikuiskasvatus – Journal of Adult Education (in Finnish) and ELM Magazine, the English-language magazine on adult education. In addition, the Lifelong Learning Foundation is home to a communication unit of EAEA, the European Association for the Education of Adults, to whom we have managed to get support from the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Our partners include liberal education organisations, researchers and developers of lifelong learning, think-tanks, foundations and expert networks. We work in close co-operation with the media as well as innovation companies and developers. 

Encounters and learning at the Sivistys Corner

The Sivistys Corner is a new kind of meeting place for curious people. At the Corner, we create opportunities for dialogue and offer programmes that provide food for thought. The Sivistys Corner exists both physically and online. Its events are free and open for everyone. We provide context for discussions on various topics of Sivistys, such as the basic skills for adults, the reliability of information, media literacy, learning and sustainable development.

Check the Sivistys Corner programme

The Sivistyksen pelottomat blog will broaden your mind

The Kvs Foundation publishes a blog (in Finnish) called Sivistyksen pelottomat, which uses both analysis and attitude to put thoughts about everyday life and Sivistys under daring scrutiny. 

All fearless defenders of Sivistys from the sectors of education, culture, organisations, foundations and others, can offer their views to the blog. In the blog, we publish opinions, analyses and statements both ourselves and together with our partners. 

Send text suggestions to: tiedotus(a) 

Check out our blog and other other current topics (in Finnish)

Historic classics online

The Kvs Foundation was highly involved in publishing between 1874 and 1919. The Foundation published novels, sheet music, specialist literature and crafts and art literature, as well as scientific literature about liberal education and adult education. 

As the Wikipedia of its time, the Foundation’s calendar was our absolute number one product, published 1881–1957. It was the first book published yearly in a calendar format, and one of the first widely spread reference books in Finland. 

The calendar aimed to combine everyday activities with articles written by experts, as well as poetry and stories. 

As literacy increased, so did the calendar’s popularity, and its role in giving guidance on practical life and furthering knowledge-based education became significant. 

After a nearly 70-year break, the Foundation has published a unique celebratory edition of the classic calendar for the year 2024. The Kvs Foundation will also be publishing a 150-year history in the autumn of 2024. Both the calendar and the history will mark the 150th anniversary of the Kvs Foundation and the Year of Sivistys 2024.  

The sheet music we have published can be found at the Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association (SULASOL ry). 

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