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The Sivistys Corner – open up your perspective

The events at the Sivistys Corner (Sivistyskulma) are open to all who appreciate enlightenment. At the Sivistys Corner, we can all learn together without the need for formalities or putting on airs and graces. We would like to reflect together on what Sivistys means for us and how it can be seen in everyday life.

Individuals, communities, experts, and influencers from different backgrounds are all welcome to the events at Sivistys Corner.

You can also suggest your own event to be part of the Sivistys Corner. Contact us!

The Sivistys Corner events are for meeting, learning, questioning, and considering. All topics are faced with curiosity and daring. Sometimes things get shaken up with a fresh outlook ― at other times we focus on the significant turning points in the history of Finnish Sivistys.


Events bearing the Sivistys Corner name can be organised anywhere you like. The contents will be streamed and recorded so that the themes can be accessed regardless of time and place. Make your learning lifelong and join us!


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