Media Literacy for Sustainable Society in Palestine

Altogether 21 media literacy trainers graduated from Traing of Trainers course in 12.9.2019 in Bethlehem.

The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation is continuing its teaching in media literacy in Palestine during the period 2019–2020! 

The purpose of the project is to support media literacy development in the area of occupied Palestine. The courses organised for citizens will teach, for example, the use of social media, fact checking, the ethics of journalism, the grounds for a system of self-regulation, and security and protection online. The objective is to promote the right to information of the population in the region and to strengthen the prerequisites for civic society and democracy.  Read more from our press release.

The project is a continuation of the Civic Skills via Media Education in Palestine project carried out in the period 2015  2016. You can read more about it and its results (in Finnish) here. 


During the project, we will train Finnish and Palestinian volunteers to work as media literacy trainers. The training of the trainers will be held in September 2019. After the course, the volunteers who have received training will work as teachers on media literacy courses for citizens. 

The media literacy courses will be organised as follows: 

  • The Aida refugee camp, November 2019 
  • The Jalazone refugee camp, February 2020 
  • East Jerusalem, March 2020 
  • Hebron, September 2020 
  • Gaza, October 2020 


An updated edition of the Media Guide – Practice and Ethics of Journalism for Adults will be printed and published in English and Arabic at the beginning of 2020. The first edition of the work was published in Arabic and English in April 2016. The publication is free to read and download. 

Project information 

  • Further information: Anne Tastula +358 40 1523830 or firstname.surname(a)