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Kvs-säätiön toimitusjohtaja Lauri Tuomi


Lauri Tuomi, CEO-elect of the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation: “Civic and lifelong learning are crucial in our time”


Kvs-säätiön toimitusjohtaja Lauri Tuomi

Lauri Tuomi, PhD, has been chosen as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation. Tuomi assumes his duties on the 1st of February 2019.

Tuomi sees non-formal adult education and civic education as very topical.

– Learning has intrinsic value and is one of the building blocks for a good life. The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation has been a pioneer and innovator of lifelong learning and civic learning. I believe I can bring fresh competences to carry on this noble task.

During its history spanning 140 years the Foundation has contributed towards many innovations in Finland: the public library institution, the public service broadcasting company, teacher education and a distance education institution covering the whole country through correspondence courses. In recent years the Foundation has focused on improving adults´ skills for example in media literacy, as well as publishing and digital learning.

Lauri Tuomi would add education export and education sector activation to the possible list of future tasks for the Foundation. Digital learning innovations and international activity hold a special importance for Tuomi.

– We already have an excellent example of how the Foundation can contribute to a reform of the Finnish education sector: our global Kulkuri School of Distance Education. Completely new learning opportunities for children and youth emerge when we harness digitalization to pedagogical uses.

The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation´s know-how is in international demand

Lauri Tuomi´s previous work history includes managerial positions in adult and higher education, most recently at the Finnish National Agency for Education.

His duties have included developing strategic competences of management and organizations. Tuomi has worked in the international education field, for example as Programme Director of Education Finland, the national programme for education export. Additionally, he has held administrative roles at the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation.

– I am familiar with the Foundation through my years on its Board of Directors, its Board and through my involvement in the Foundation´s strategic planning. I am delighted to work with our skillful staff and carry on from where the leadership of our retiring CEO Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski has guided the Foundation.

Tuomi takes the Foundation´s helm in a time of change. The operations of the Foundation are expanding: for instance, a merge with the Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre will be prepared in 2019. This will open up new opportunities for innovations in lifelong learning and development of teachers´ pedagogical competences.

– These are skills that are in demand also globally.

Lauri Tuomi

  • Born in 1966
  • PhD in Economics and Business Administration, Teacher qualification
  • Has worked as e.g. sector and regional manager in the adult education field. Vice President of the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, CEO and founder of Profitmakers Ltd. and Programme Director at the Finnish National Agency for Education.
  • Has held the following positions of trust: member of the Board and Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, working groups of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Steering group of the Team Finland Knowledge network, Increasing cooperation within the education sector to support developing countries –Finland´s answer to a global learning crisis –working group), Board of the Association for Business Sciences, Board of Fountain Park Ltd.

Photo: Karoliina Knuuti, KVS.

Additional information:

CEO (until 28.2.2019) Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski, 050 563 4671, pirkko.ruuskanen-parrukoski(a)

Communications Manager Annu Griñan, 040 7594532, annu.grinan(a)

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