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Transformative Adult Learning for Green Transition (2022-2024)

Toteutusaika: 12/2022 - 11/2024

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ihmisiä voimistelee puun ympärillä puistossa
  • co-funded by the European Union

The Tale project responds to the urgent need to transform into a more climate-friendly and sustainable society. Tale project explores solutions to this challenge by using transformative learning approaches.

In the Tale Erasmus+ project, adult education organisations engage with learners, communities, grassroots initiatives such as social movements and green activists to provide new insights on transformative learning.

The partners will run innovation groups using transformative learning approaches in cooperation with social movements and/or green activists. The goal is to examine how we can learn from each other to further green transition in organisations and communities. In addition, the project consortium utilises peer learning, organises events, and publishes recommendations on how adult education can contribute to green transition.

As a result, the Tale project will help adult learning and education organisations to find new ways to work with learners and their surrounding communities.

The project will produce knowledge, events, tools, experiences, methods and recommendations on how to use transformative learning to further green transition and help upscale the innovative practices of the grassroots initiatives.


  • Provide new insights in how to further sustainability and green transition in collaboration between ALE institutions and communities
  • Establish cooperation between ALE institutions and grassroots initiatives working in the field of green transition /sustainability
  • Upscale transformative learning methods for green transition, thus contributing to capacity building both in the ALE sector and among the grassroots initiatives
  • Provide recommendations for successful transformative ALE and green transition
  • Develop a strong partnership to further the green transition of the ALE sector

Target groups

Main target groups

Staff of the participating organisations, including the leadership
Citizens active at grassroots initiatives taking part in the innovation process
Adult learners
Adult education institutions in the partner countries
Climate NGO’s

Secondary target groups

European adult learning and education sector
Education and training organisations and institutions of other sectors
Policymakers on national, European and international levels
Other stakeholders (NGOs from other sectors, regional networks etc)

Work progress in 2023

The topics transformative learning, green transition and grassroots initiatives are central in the project, so the partners started the project by defining these three terms. The discussion on the definitions was led by Hellenic Open University and the result was published in spring 2023. The definitions are used at the next stage, when we seek co-operation with green grassroots initiatives.

Tale brochure and definitions (pdf)

During summer 2023, the partners organised a workshop on transformative learning methods. In autumn 2023, the national-level partners launched innovation groups in cooperation with grassroots initiatives operating in their local area. The aim of the innovation groups is to establish cross-sectoral cooperation and pilot transformative learning together with people active in the grassroots initiatives

Green Transition Dialogues

Tale webinar series in spring 2024

The three-part webinar series showcases innovative practices, expert insights, and fosters discussions on how different stakeholders can work together for a more sustainable future.

Green Transition Dialogues


Sari Pohjola Viestinnän asiantuntija | Communications Specialist +358 40 5112 475
Anne Tastula Projektipäällikkö, tuottaja | Project Manager, Editor +358 40 1523 830

Project information

Transformative Adult Learning for Green Transition – Tale

Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (Kvs)

Erasmus+ KA2

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